Backpacking UK Introduction

Hi guys, this is my YouTube Channel, ‘Backpacking UK’ with 100 gear reviews, tests and vlogs. The purpose of backpacking uk is to review, test and recommend all types of backpacking gear from camping stoves to backpacks, hiking gear from gore-tex jackets to hiking boots and wild camping gear from camping tents to sleeping bags and well as vlogging my hiking and wild camping uk trips.

Backpacking gear reviews and camping gear reviews will be uploaded frequently from budget camping gear to high end hiking gear.

Backpacking kit will be initially unboxed and reviewed and then tested outside locally before finally making it out onto the mountains.

Camping gear will be reviewed in detail and then tested. This includes camping stove reviews such as Jetboil stoves and tent reviews such as my new Naturehike tent review video.

Helpful videos include my printable backpacking gear list and my top 10 uk wild camping locations.

I have created a backpacking kit list for you to download for free which can be seen on my other videos. If you check out my backpacking gear list video you will see all the gear that I take with me.

Camping equipment reviews such as my OEX sleeping bag review are there to help people understand the different seasons sleeping bags come in and their comfort ratings.

I will go through and video a hiking gear review soon. I already have videos out there to explain the 3 piece layering system and what hiking kit I use when hiking in the uk.

I will document my travels across the UK highlighting some of the best uk walks and great wild camping locations. I love hiking in the UK so I always try to mix hiking with wild camping.

Over the course of the year I will vlog my wild camping uk trips. I will create a video for wild camping for beginners too and my new wild camping locations video is soon be be released. I really want to help people uk wild camp as it it such an amazing, unforgettable experience.

Any questions just ask, I am always here to help where I can. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to backpacking uk, one of the fastest growing uk backpacking channels. All suggestions welcome.

Thanks, Andy

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