Hexpeak Teepee Tent Using Trekking Poles Review

The Hexpeak Teepee Tent uses a single trekking pole to set up. Perfect for backpacking or all the many forms of camping. This 2-person shelter has a larger amount of floorspace, over traditional tents. The waterproof outer tent has a single door, vent and 16 stake out points. Great for camping with a partner or a pet!

You can use this tent as a minimalist floorless shelter, pairing it with a bivy sack or groundsheet, or use one of two inner tent sizes. This is great for keeping weight out of your backpack!

The Hexpeak (also known as the v4a) has the option to use one of two inner tent choice, both of which have a bathtub floor and no-see-um bug netting:

1: The Solo Inner Tent (1-Person), which uses half of the tent floor space and leaves the second half for gear storage, or even responsible cooking.

2: The Double Inner Tent (2-Person), which uses most of the floor space and is great when hiking with a partner, or even on a solo trip if you need extra room.

We hope this was helpful! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.

Yes, we ship internationally from the USA!

Hexpeak Trekking Pole Teepee Specs: https://luxe-hiking-gear.com/products/hexpeak-1p-tent-system

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Teepee Set Up Guide: https://luxe-hiking-gear.com/blogs/camping/teepee-tent-setup-guide

Hexpeak XL Overview: https://youtu.be/obEWavH1Hm4

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Why Use a Groundsheet? https://luxe-hiking-gear.com/blogs/camping/why-use-tent-footprint

Ultralight Tent Floor: https://youtu.be/64Tdyuqmj_8

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Set Up Teepee Without Poles: https://youtu.be/lLq2tSfP-L4

Seam Seal Tipi: https://youtu.be/B5W91p_dinE

Anchoring a Shelter on Snow: https://youtu.be/PG3D5W-Uchg

Hexpeak User Guide: https://youtu.be/-EeKASDc13o

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